And the day came when the risk of remaining tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it was to bloom. 

– Anais Nin

sprout-plant-pavement-edit2In every life there are times when we are stuck, when all seems dark, hopeless and meaningless. Such times often come about because of some fateful blow, be it illness, death, betrayal, divorce or unemployment. Everything that gave us pleasure, that invested life with meaning, is no longer valid, is lost. Such dark times have sometimes been long brewing in the unconscious, and are coming up now for a reason. Questions arise such as “Who am I really?” “What is life about?” “Am I strong enough to get through this?” I have been counseling individuals and couples for over 25 years and offer my help to you as you search for answers to life’s toughest problems in order to live a life worth celebrating.

In my own journey to healing and wholeness, I discovered C.G. Jung.   His discovery that we each have an innate potential to achieve wholeness if we decide to work with the unconscious, is part of the awareness I bring to my work. In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I may also work with your dreams and any creative expression through the arts. All of these avenues will provide a new light to guide you out of the confusion that life often brings.

As a Jungian analyst, I specialize in individual and couples work. I enjoy working with women who are consciously working to connect more with body and soul.  I also use sand tray in my work with children and adults, with special focus on children who have lost a family member.



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